Updates to Make It Easier for Baby Boomers to Live at Home

Updates to Make It Easier for Baby Boomers to Live at Home

Older homeowners are spending big on remodeling, as they prefer to live in their current homes rather than move to a new home. In particular, the 55+ cohort is currently spending more than any other age group, with many trying to stay in their homes long term as they age. Jeb Breithaupt shares several of the top current updates in kitchen and bathrooms to help customers age in place in an article for The Shreveport Times.

In the Kitchen:
Light it up – The latest technology in task lighting makes it easy to add LEDs anywhere, and we’ve installed them over countertop workspaces and along the bases of cabinets. If you have a breakfast nook or island, consider a decorative pendant light that will make a statement.

Check your counter height– Whether they’re too short or too tall, counter height is important so you are comfortable while working in the kitchen. If you find your neck and hips aching after you spend time in the kitchen, consider raising or lowering the countertop height.

Appliances – Within the past ten years, appliances have become available in more sizes, colors, and options than ever before. Most recently, we’ve seen raised dishwashers or dishwasher drawers that can be mounted comfortably, so you won’t have to bend over to fill it, built-in microwaves, and raised ovens. If you have a large island, consider adding a second, smaller fridge just for beverages so your main fridge isn’t being opened and closed multiple times a day.

In the Bathroom:
Take out the tub – The biggest thing on most of our customers’ wish lists is to remove the tub in their primary bathroom and replace it with either a walk-in tub or walk-in shower. There are pros and cons to each option, and we help the homeowners we work with to choose whichever best suits their needs. Either option will give you more safety and independence in your home for the long term.

Comfort height toilets – I’ve been in a bunch of homes recently that were built in the 70s or 80s where the commode is almost comically small. Nowadays a comfort-height toilet will raise your seat to 19” so sitting down and standing back up are easier on you.

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