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The Magic of Custom Paint Mixing

When it comes to interior design or a special project, sometimes you need more than just a "close enough" color match. That's the power of custom mixed paint. At Howe Lumber, our custom paint mixing services shine. Our state-of-the-art paint mixing equipment and color matching software ensure we can replicate virtually any shade you desire. We use premium quality paints, ensuring your custom colors will look vibrant and last.

Paint Matching Services in East Brookfield, MA

Have you ever found the perfect color from an old paint chip, fabric swatch, or even a treasured item? Our paint-matching technology lets you recapture those elusive shades. From vibrant hues that energize a space to subtle tones that soothe, our paint experts use the latest technology to create a precise match for any color you desire. If you can dream it, we can mix it! Let your creativity run wild with one-of-a-kind colors not found on any standard paint chart. Here’s how we ensure that each mix is a perfect match:

Here’s how we ensure that each mix is a perfect match:

Why Choose Howe Lumber's Paint Center?

At Howe Lumber, we understand that color selection is more than just picking a shade. It's about expressing your style and bringing your vision to life.

What Sets Us Apart

Beyond the Paint: Your Project Partner

Howe Lumber is more than just your go-to spot for quality paint. We're a full-service resource for your next painting project. With us, you can add unique accents to your space with custom-painted trims, vibrant accent walls, or personalized decorative pieces that showcase your individual style. For those in historical homes, maintain the integrity and authenticity of your property with precisely matched original colors. Give the exterior of your home a fresh, inviting look with a custom paint color that enhances its architectural beauty, boosting curb appeal and adding to your home's value.

Take the First Step to Color Perfection

Don’t wait to get started on your next project. Stop by or give us a call today to see how our custom mixed paint and paint-matching services can transform your space. At Howe Lumber, we can’t wait to help you achieve the exact paint color you are looking for. Contact us today to bring your color inspiration. Let's make your next project a colorful masterpiece!

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