Fall Protection Equipment Improvements

Fall Protection Equipment Improvements Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials said recent technological improvements in fall protection equipment was a factor in the decision to tighten standards for residential contractors.

Although home builders and roofing contractors may see the new regulations as burdensome (both in terms of cost and time), many advancements have been made in fall protection equipment, and that equipment can be purchased at a more reasonable cost than in years past.

Fall protection equipment manufacturers have begun to focus on the residential side and the competition has helped lower prices. A construction industry specialist for Liberty Group Inc. estimates it will cost residential contractors $300-$400 to outfit each worker with the appropriate fall protection equipment. Considering an OSHA fine can amount to $7,000 per worker, the cost for safety is minimal.

A simple roof anchor can cost about $200 per worker; however, many contractors point out (and rightly so) that other systems like under-eave guardrails are more expensive.

All agree that safety is important, but contractors argue they need more flexibility to design alternative protection procedures that meet OSHA’s definition of “feasible.”

Whatever your safety equipment needs, talk to one of our sales representatives for advice. We’ll supply you with the best equipment at the best price.

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