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Advantech Subfloor Adhesive 

Advantech Subfloor Adhesive 

  • Manufacturer: Huber Engineered Woods

From the subfloor brand builders trust for the FLAT OUT BEST™ quiet, stiff floors, comes new AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive for subfloor assemblies so strong, you won’t hear a squeak.1 With a heavy-duty, polyurethane bond, the gun-applied foam quickly settles into a high-strength gel adhesive to create a bond that exceeds industry performance standards2. For a Squeak-Free Subfloor Assembly™, use AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive and AdvanTech® subfloor panels together. With this combined subfloor assembly, floors not only get a strong, stable base, but a squeak-free panel-to-joist connection – GUARANTEED!

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  • $19.99

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